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Roof Repairs

Is your roof sagging? Damaged? Or in need of desperate repairs? With our affordable roof repair rates, we can help you have your roof back in shape in no time!

With many years of experience covering almost every possible type of roof, Budget Roofing offers repairs to Slate roofs, tile roofs, flat roofs, concrete roofs and broken roofs without having to replace the roof entirely. Bad roof insulation, leaking roofs or damaged, cracked and broken roof tiles can lead to serious problems in the future so don’t wait for it to get worse. Get your roof checked today, and with our affordable prices, you can have your roof fixed before you need a new roof.

Waiting to have that leak, damaged and broken roof tile fixed could lead to serious problems in the future like structural damage, damp or rotten timber, ugly watermarks. To avoid these problems, arranging a regular inspection of your roof can help detect problems early and avoid costly repairs.

Budget Roofing can cost-effectively repair any problems before they become serious if detected early on. We are experts in detecting leaks and issues before the conditions worsening.

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Our Clients Speak Volumes About Us

“Great job. What a good-looking roof. Budget Roofing were great to deal with – courteous, hardworking, attention to detail. We had a leak problem and were scheduled quickly. Budget Roofing even came a few days earlier and did a temporary fix because of a threat of rain. Very competitive price with a good, thorough final clean-up and an inspection with the owner before the final payment is made. Good company to do business with. Thank you Budget Roofing!”

– Johan Venter –

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